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.Wednesday, April 28, 2010 ' 6:59 PM Y
& your love is all i ever wanted

Hey peeps.! Soo long nvr update. Lazy lah to update. So,wads going on recently. I and Arep<3 Dah tk fight2. Wheeee.!! Sukelah me. Hehe.! Okae,yesterday's fight it was damn terrible. I dun want it anymore. Once is enough. And,sorry to him bcoz of some reason. Currently,looking forward to meet him,miss him,kinda. Hehe. And thanks to roseDARL n shikinDARL for helping me with my probs. Then just now,in class,geog lesson,I suddenly cry. Then my classmate was like asking me wad happen n stuff,some of them know that its confirm bcoz of Me n him. Hehe. So ya,aft sch talk to rose,talk3,then I decided to text him,text him,then okae alrd. But,actually,I want my last time Arep<3,not this one. Honestly,I try to understand his situation but look,my situation is also the same but I try to make all important. Haissss.... Okae lah,tmr got exam,need to study. Good luck to everyone.! :D

P/S : I want my last time Arep<3 And I want him to know that I really luv him n I'm scared of loosing him. Hehe. And,to,Roselini & Shikin,Thanks darl for the advice and everything. Luv u both lots too. :)

.Sunday, March 21, 2010 ' 10:37 AM Y
& your love is all i ever wanted

Hey Hello People. Currently doing nothing.
This few days,I mean today & yesterday,I feel like weak n damn bored n don't feel like talking. I don even know why. Haissss.... Sian de. 0kays,now,Waiting for mum to wake up only after that going to my cuzin's place coz my cuzin is engage. So ya. & to all my friends if I nvr reply ur msg,sorry. Its not that I'm angry wif u guys but my pp8 is currently low. Sadded. Sorry peeps. Once I've top up,i'll text u guys. So ya,,yesterday went to granny's place,she's sick. Ilhan was super damn cute. When I look at him it reminds me of someone. Haha.! I also dunnoe why. Haha.! Okae,then yesterday joke around wif Ilhan n Irfan then talk to my aunt,play games at her Iphone. Blablabla. Ard 530,we chao. Go lot,meet my sister then dad went hm coz he's working at night. So ya,walk ard at lot then 7+ went hm. It was super damn bored when pp8 low. Can't text anyone,especially him. Hmmmmmmmphh....... Tmr school start alrd,haissss.... But nvm lah,at least get to see my Darls & besties & classmates. Wheeeee!!! Haha.! Okayy lah,today,thats about it. Not much. Soo,ya. Toodles peeps.!! :D:D

.Thursday, March 18, 2010 ' 5:14 PM Y
& your love is all i ever wanted

Hello Hello People.!! Hehe.! Its Me - Sab,Sabby,Sabrinaa,Sarith - updating again. Hehe.
Okayy,today have basketball training. Attendence was pathetic. Only 5 people come. Wow.!
Three seniors n 1 junior. Pity Atiqah seh,she's alone junior. Hmmmmmphh.... Okayy,soo ya.
Ayu do come for the trainning. =.=' Then I like ask her where's hannah. Then she say she dunnoe.
Okayy,done. Aft that,,went to sch wif Twinnieku ar. Hehe.! So ya,talk2 wif her. Hehe.!
Then aft trainning,Twinnieku sicksick. She vomited. Alalala,kesian die.. Okayy,aft that.
I started to talk to Ayu but I'm kinda rude when I'm talking to her. Its like Sarcastic.
Okayy,,blablablabla. Take pics wif Twinnieku. Hehe.! Aft that wait for Arep to come. Kinda long.
Aft that accompony Twinnie to print pics. Done alrd,Me & Arep head of to lot 1. Walk3,
then saw KhaiHANDSOME.. Smile at him only,nvr get to talk to him. Ouhhh. Sadded. Okae,
then go library then blablablabla... Then from like 1+ or 2+ till 3+,then went hm wif him.
So ya,. Reach hm,left bro only at hm. Then he say that mum n sis just left went to
Sunshine place. Then luckily nvr saw. Ahahaha.! Okae,soo tmr's plan,go lot 1 Meet my
Darls/Babes.. ( YeeruLOVE , ShikinL0VE , MawarLOVE ) Wheeeee!!!!

P/S : I miss this ppl lot, [ Classmates2A'10 , Shikin<3 , Diana<3 , Mawar<3 , Afiqah<3
, Twinnie<3 , Roselini<3 , My Boys friends(that always make me laugh). :'(

.Wednesday, March 10, 2010 ' 9:25 PM Y
& your love is all i ever wanted

Currently Sabby doing nth,just finish doing her homework,msging ArepLOVES & AmiraTWINNIE.

Hehe.! OKayy,Today is super damn cool & fun. Hehe.! We went to the Marina Barrage to do
some maths stuff there. Soo ya,aft sch I have to find Ms Ng to get my e-zlink back.
Okay,get back alrd,went to canteen wif AyuCUTE,aft that saw MawarCINER then we went up
to AVA rm. Then up there alot of ppl alrd so ya,kinda late. Aft that,sit in front of
Dani at first then Mikhail,Raj come,they sit behind me. Then blablabla. Need to choose
partner,I choose Sarah then Yeeru kinda upset coz I nvr go wif her. Sry Yeeru. Then
choose group members the instructor choose for us. So My group is Fadli,Hanif n Sarah.
Okayy,cool team members. Hehe.! Aft that we receive the E63 phone to use for the maths.
So ya,Hanif n Fadli hold on to it while me n Sarah find out the ans. Then finish alrd,
we are the first group ++ Pavi,Aaron,they all lah. Then we finish alrd,I plan to take
some shots soo ya,We took pics together. Will be update in facebook. Hehe.! Damn fun lah.
Hehe.! Ok,take pics alrd,the rest of 2A n the other classes come alrd,so time to go back.
Then In the bus,I was sitting wif Sarah,then do head count all,blablabla. Then Mr wee talk
to Mikhail,Sarah n Hannah,Skali lastly,he talk to me about councilors. Then we share so
many things ok. Then he like "jia you,jia you" me so that I can do better in councilor.
I'm trying,FYI. Hehe! Okae,then went hm wif my crazy darls,ShikinLAWA,DianaLAWA &
AfiqahLAWA. Hehe.! Then we all gone crazy sia. Hehe.! Then take 67 then went hm. Reach
hm,have a talk wif my mum,do el hw then msg2 wif HareezABG',ArepLOVEs,AmiraTWINNIE. Hehe.!
Okayy,thats all. Hehe.! Toodles,SABBYLUVYOUGUYS. ;)

.Tuesday, March 9, 2010 ' 9:12 PM Y
& your love is all i ever wanted

Hey peeps. Currently chatting wif ShikinLAWA. Haha.! Shikin,u say me lawa eh. I say u back
ar. Haha.! Okae,,Currently I'm texting Hareez'ABG' n Arep. Hehe.! Now,I'm kinda tired.
But still have to update blog,U know why. Coz My blog is dead. Urghhhh!!!! Okae,,
now,my mood is in a holiday mood. Hehe.! Okae,soo,just now,went back wif AyuCUTE &
ShikinLAWA. Hehe.! Then play wif the rain until I reach hm,I keep on coughing. Jangan
sakit sdh. Hehe.! Dah mmg sakit dah pun. Haha.! OKae,okae. Till here ar. Tmr cont,if
god's willing. Hehe.! Tata,Titi,Tutu. Hehe. :DD

.Tuesday, March 2, 2010 ' 10:09 PM Y
& your love is all i ever wanted

Hey people.! Hehe.! So long nvr update. Sian. Okae,currently i'm busy wif my stuff,like,
studying then being tired then go hm late. Haisssss.... 0kae,so lets see wad shall we
talk here. Hehe. Hmmmmmm.... Yesterday like very hot day then tiring too. Soo its like,
during lesson,my eyes was half open. I feel like I wanna fall a sleep. Plus,plus,aft
sch we have to go for the dunnoe wad science thingy. Siala,the science thingy was damn
boring. I almost fall a sleep but I didn't coz there's a guy facilator keep an eye on
us. So,I try to focus but cannot. When break time,I quickly2,go buy coke ar. But it
still the same. I still feel sleepy but this time I'm kinda awake. Okayy,so the thingy
ends at 5.00pm. So,went to 2B then wait for Ayu n Amira. Then they go out alrd,we go
hm together ok,blablabla. Today morning meet [insertname] then walk together to int.
Then saw Shikin n Ayu,67 queue was super long soo we cut queue. tee hee.! Aft that we're
in the bus,saw Diana at the int,she just reach. Sorry dee,we left u behind. Okayy,aft that,
blablablablablabla. Aft sch have basketball trg. Mr Lee told us about our coach and so on.
Then Ms chen talk about attendence. Then I take over,we play games,we play monkey,
dribbling then for the last session,we sit in a group and have a heart-to-heart talk.
Haha.! So ya,,finish alrd,we went to canteen meet Shikin,Afiqah,Diana n Mawar then we walk
to busstop. Then Kiril scold me about speaker's corner. Then my mood change alrd. Like
toot. Then I like seriously no mood ar until now. Then aft that I reach hm,blablabla. Then
text2 wif [insertname],Hareez n Twinnie. Then [insertname] ask why I text hareez then
blablabla. Then got some misunderstanding. Urghhhh... But Okae alrd lah. Luckily. Hehe.!
I dun want that to happen again,It feels like so horrible. Then Hareez I like randomly
say in sch "Hareez,be my abg ok" then he smile then show the sign "ok" then I like
suddenly say "Yay!!!" Then I laugh. Haha,lols. Then just now text2 wif him,he say
"(sth,sth,sth,sth) Testing Bye Adq.!" then I reply "Wheee.! U call me adq. Haha.! (
sth,sth,sth) testing okay abg" Then now,me n hareez be like "abg" n "adq" alrd. Haha.!
Best3,,Okay lah. The end lah. I got no mood rite now plus I dun want to have some
misunderstanding wif [insertname],it's horrible.!!!! Arghhhhhhh!!! Seriously no mood,
no mood,no mood.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SNAP!!!! -toodles- -.-

.Sunday, February 21, 2010 ' 12:54 PM Y
& your love is all i ever wanted

Hey peeps.! Huhu.! Phewwww.!!! At last chingay parade is done. Yay.!! I can have my life
back to normal. Can rest on the saturday n go out wif family. Hehehe.! Okae,for the past
three days,I've been going for the chingay thingy. Soo,let me tell u wad happened in this
three days ok.?? :DD

Last rehesal(18.2.2010),,

Hmmmmmmm..... School as usual. So,aft sch,straight away went hm wif MawarLOVE,AmiraTWINNIE,
IrfanBumby n DaniBestie. Mawar n I walk damn fast sia coz we scared we will be late. So
we walk fast,fast,fast,then the rest walk super damn slow sia. Haha.! So,we left them.
Sorry guys. Then me n Mawar chit chat while walking,blablablabla. Took LRT hm,reach
South View then faster walk hm ar. Then suddenly someone shoutout my name. I turn then
Saw ;HannaCCKKPS. Then just wave at her n cont walking. Reach hm,took a qiuck shower,
blablablabla then go to south view busstop. Text MawarLOVE,then wait for her.
Ard 3+ she come alrd. Then I ask her can we like take bus/cab. Then think,think,think.
No time alrd so take cab. Haha.! OKae,so reach sch like 3.25pm. We cheap in money. Hehe.!
OKae,then saw AmiraTWINNIE & IrfanBumby. Went to them then KhaiHandsome come. Then we
walk to the field coz CDSS got match. Go field,lalalalala,then HareezBestie,HilfiBestie,
come to us. Then blablablabla. Need to assemble alrd,assemble then wait for the bus n
go kallang first then go F1 track. OKae,on thursday everything's fine. I reach hm
at about 11.45,I think. So done. ((:

Actual Day Of Chingay(19.2.2010),,

On Friday was the actual day. OKae,so aft sch,I went hm wif AyuLOVE,AmiraTWINNIE &
IrfanBumby,we walk to the busstop. Reach busstop,AmiraTWINNIE & IrfanBumby go first. Then
me and AyuLOVE wait for 67. 67 come,luckily not crowded. Took that bus then went hm. Reach
hm alrd,[insertname] text me. Text,text,text,he say later meet for a while at CCK int.
Then I say ok. Hehe.! :DD So,suppose to meet ayu at cheers but I went to Int first. Hehe.!
blablablabla,went out of house at 2++. Then walk,walk,walk,reach traffic light at 2.20
like dat. Then Saw ShikinLOVE & DianaLOVE,walking towards int. Then they saw [insertname]
first. Then I come,I saw them including Afif & Azim. Ahahahaha.! Then I & Shikin disturb
Afif. Hahaha.! Funny sia. Okae,then I & [insertname] nvr talk soo much,we just smile at
each other. Ahahaa.! Okae,aft that we walk to cheers together. Then saw ayu there.
Meet her then [insertname] go top up his e-zlink then he wanna go bukit batok. So say byebye.
blablablabla. We took 67 to sch. Okae,aft that reach sch saw AfiqahLOVE. Then lalalalala.
Go sch like normal,assemble blablabla.. Then suddenly AmiraTWINNIE,no mood. Sekali get to
know that she was acting. Thank u eh TWINNIE. Hahahahah.! Aft that blablablablabla lah.
Then went we wanna assemble at kallang,from F1 track,we have to ride any bus from there.
So,me,HareezBestie & QamarulBestie,took this bus wif diff sch. Irritating ar that bus.
Qamarul & Hareez angry2 alrd. Then I'm like chilling them down. Then get down from
the bus only,Qamarul & Hareez shout2 at them. Hahaha.! Funny sia. Then we make fun of
their school. Gerek ar.! Ahahahahaha :PP Okokok,enough3.
Then go hm text my brother ask him to fetch me. Yay.!! Haha.! So reach hm around 12. Done.

2nd Actual Day,yesterday(20.2.2010),,

Yesterday,seriously suay ar. Haisssss.... No mood,no mood,no mood,First it was me,not
in the mood follow by RoseliniLOVE,then ShikinLOVE,Haisssss.... I dunnoe why they
not in the gd mood ar. But for me,My pouch lost. Luckily I didn't put my Ipod &
Handphone in there. But Roselini's ear piece was in there. Sorry RoseliniLOVE. Okae,
I dun wanna share how it get lost coz it might hurt some n I dun wanna put the blame on him.
If u know,then u know lah. If dun know then nvm. So ya,my pouch lost at the foyer.
I'm alrd not in the gd mood,then I eat abit only. N then when we board the bus,I listening
to music,I think I was soo stress that I cried. Too many probs ar in my head.! AGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Then when I cry,all my LovesFriends come to like chill me down. Sorry to trouble u guys
n thank u guys.! Luv u all lots. Then I'm trying to be happy. Then [insertname] text me,
I nvr tell him anything,I act normal. But when I cry,I like no mood to text him. Soo ya,
Then AmiraTWINNIE & AyuLOVE was like taking my phone then I dunnoe wad they do ar. Then
When reach Kallang,I like crazy sia,I laugh then sad then laugh then sad. But deep in heart
it was...... Then when I was about to reply [insertname],he text me asking me y I sad.
Then I ask him how he know then he say from Ayu. Urghhh... So,I told him why. Then TWINNIE
read it. Then she knows y. Then slowly they know why I sad. Then [insertname]
like cool me down & he make me smile + laugh again. Hehe.! Thank u,[insertname],Luv u lots. Oooopppssssy. Haha.! Okae Sry to "him". He's feeling guilty aft that. Sorry. Then they all like chill me down ar. I ok alrd at the chingay.
Then Qamarul pulak sad. He nvr get to perform. Pity him sia. OKae,aft that.
My sis call me she ask me to go hm by LRT. Then i like "F" lah,my pouch dah
hilang then wanna go hm take LRT. Then I like sob ar. So,no mood again,I try to hide
my feelings,but I can't so,when reaching BPP,mum called me,I was crying soo cannot
hide anymore. Have to tell her everything. Then I cry lah. Coz its like not my first
time I lose it. Then like troubling ppl ard me. So,ya,I wait for my brother. Then
follow them to Mcdonald. Then ya,wait for him. Then he come alrd,I salam them then go.
Blablablablabla. Then ya lah. Done. ((:

Thos morning I wake up,my eyes is like swollen bcoa of crying too much.
& I'm still tired. Soo ya,today have alot of work to do. Haisss... Sian ar.
Okae,thats all for today. Toodles. ((:

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